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Originally conceived as a candelabra, Agnes Chandelier replica takes its inspiration from the fictional heroine of the same name, a worker in the world's oldest profession during the 1849 California Gold Rush. The modular system would allow Agnes easy setup in her makeshift "workspace." In this version, glowing glass tubes replace the candles. Articulated joints allow the glass to be arranged in a multitude of ways. 


Agnes Chandelier replica

Conceptually, Agnes was born in the wake of the California Gold Rush. In 2010, after Lindsey created Branching Bubble, she found herself drawn to the idea of a collapsible candelabra that might have been in the traveling kit of those plucky working-class ladies who traveled hundreds of miles west alone in the 1850s to San Francisco, to work in the saloons or to find husbands. In Lindsey’s wild imaginings, the lightweight fixture could be set up in a makeshift frontier settlement, turning even a tent into a boudoir, then folded up again, to fit into a tapestry carrying bag. 
The modular configuration of light is not merely expandable—it can cascade down a staircase or span a double-height ceiling-—its joints are also articulated. When the tubes are positioned straight up-and-down, it makes the room as intimate and formal as a chapel; set askew, it weaves whimsical shadows on the walls. There are even two versions—one with ends cut straight, another cut on an extreme angle, like a taper. 
 With the same the self-reliant grace of the entrepreneurial women who inspired it, Agnes Chandelier replica is adaptable and endlessly creative. Agnes Chandelier replica is very popular with its special appearance design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for bedroom and living room. You can choose the right product according to your needs
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Agnes Chandelier replica Size

  • 6 heads Size:Dia 107 cm x H 88 cm /Φ 42.1 in x H 34.6 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 10 heads Size:Dia 169 cm x H 116 cm /Φ 66.5 in x H 45.7 in Agnes Chandelier
  • 12 heads A Size:Dia 65 cm x H 65cm /Φ 25.6 in x H 25.6 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 12 heads B Size:Dia 70 cm x H 116 cm /Φ 27.6 in x H 45.7 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 14 heads Size:Dia 204 cm x H 112 cm /Φ 80.3 in x H 44.1 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 20 heads A Size:Dia 200 cm x H 166 cm /Φ 78.7 in x H 65.4 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 20 heads B Size:Dia 89 cm x H 320 cm /Φ 35 in x H 126 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 24heads Size:Dia 162 cm x H 95 cm /Φ 63.8 in x H 37.4 in
  • Agnes Chandelier

Agnes Chandelier replica Details

  • Material: Metal/Glass
  • Light source:G9
  • Power:Max 5W
  • Weight:6kg / 13.2lbs
  • Finishes: Black,Gold
  • Glass shade: White
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We have 2 boom lengths for you: 20/30cm (7.9″/11.8″), extendable upon request.
  • Agnes Chandelier
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