Aplomb concrete pendant lamp

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A special, exclusively formulated concrete plays the starring role in the Aplomb lamps, a model that combines sophistication with texture to cast a concentrated beam of light downwards.

  • 1 Head: Grey
  • 1 Head: Coffee
  • 1 Head: Red
  • 1 Head: Green
  • 1 Head: Blue
  • 2 Heads: Grey
  • 2 Heads: Coffee
  • 2 Heads: Red
  • 2 Heads: Green
  • 2 Heads: Blue
  • 3 Heads: Grey
  • 3 Heads: Coffee
  • 3 Heads: Red
  • 3 Heads: Green
  • 3 Heads: Blue
  • 4 Heads: Red
  • 4 Heads: Green
  • 4 Heads: Blue
  • 3 Heads: Gray Rectangular Ceiling Plate
  • 3 Heads: Coffee Rectangular Ceiling Plate
  • 3 Heads: Red Rectangular Ceiling Plate
  • 3 Heads: Green Rectangular Ceiling Plate
  • 3 Heads: Blue Rectangular Ceiling Plate

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Aplomb lamp replica

Aplomb concrete pendant light,the combination of modern industry and elegant

The Aplomb lamp is singularly industrial, using light to place a conventional material like concrete in an unconventionally elegant context.The the pendant lamp will add an additional decorative touch to your interior.  

The Aplomb hanging light with Unique shape design and colorful selection

The Aplomb ceiling lamp is made of concrete which is an important part of the modern architecture.Aplomb uses this material in an innovative kind of way. Hang the lamp on its own or use several lamps as a composition at different heights. Aptly named, the Aplomb drop light replica ensures precise lighting, its concrete shade pulling the cable taut and lighting the room with a strong and handsome presence.

The Aplomb light comes in different sizes and colors.gray and coffee are more in industrial style,but red,green and blue are more elegant and add a little liveliness to your space.You can also choose the size and number of lamp caps you need according to your requirements.

The Aplomb pendant lamp which can adapt to a varirty of interior decoration

The Aplomb handing light is famous for its modern industrial style.The Aplomb lamp will easily find its place in a room in your house: as an accent lamp above your bedside table, as a pendant lamp above your dining table or as a pendant lamp above a worktop or an island in your kitchen. 

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Aplomb lamp replica Size

  • Size:Dia 15cm x H 35.5 cm /Φ 5.9″ x H 14″
  • Aplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp    Aplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp
  • Aplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp    Aplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp

Aplomb lamp replica Details

  • Material: Concrete /Metal
  • Light source: E27*1 LED 18W
  • Power:Max 60W
  • Weight: 1kg / 2.2lbs
  • Process: Mould,
  • Finishes: Gray/Coffee/Red/Green/Blue
  • We provide 150cm / 59 inch wires, which can be extended upon request.
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  • Aplomb Pendant Large    Aplomb Pendant Large
Product Details
99999 Items

Data sheet

size1 Head Blue
1 Head Coffee
1 Head Gray
1 Head Green
1 Head Red
2 Heads Blue
2 Heads Coffee
2 Heads Gray
2 Heads Green
2 Heads Red
3 Heads Blue
3 Heads Blue Rectangular ceiling plate
3 Heads Coffee
3 Heads Coffee Rectangular ceiling plate
3 Heads Gray
3 Heads Gray Rectangular ceiling plate
3 Heads Green
3 Heads Green Rectangular ceiling plate
3 Heads Red
3 Heads Red Rectangular ceiling plate
4 Heads Blue
4 Heads Green
4 Heads Red

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