Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp

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The Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp is a magical, subtle and pretty light that has a magical effect in modern interiors mix with the Japanese style. It is a pendant lamp integrates perfectly into each interior space and embellishes it uniquely.

  • metal
  • cloth
  • PVC
Design & Size
  • Design A W 25cm x H 40cm
  • Design A W 30cm x H 48cm
  • Design B 40cm x H 43cm
  • Design B 50cm x H 54cm
  • Design C 40cm x H 35cm
  • Design C 50cm x H 43cm
  • Design D W 40cm x H 36cm
  • Design D W 50cm x H 45cm
  • Design E W 30cm x H 40cm
  • Design E W 40cm x H 46cm
  • Design E W 50cm x H 60cm
  • Design F W 40cm x H 29cm
  • Design F W 50cm x H 36cm

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Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp

Simple Japanese Style

Japanese Zen lamps are composed of metal lamp bodies and cloth lampshades, hand-woven vines, and cleverly designed to make the interior feel closer to nature.

When the lights are turned on, the subtle and warm light, Japanese-style design will make you feel relaxed.

Choose From A Variety Of Styles

This Japanese Zen chandelier is mainly made of metal and cloth, and the raw materials make it lightweight and easy to install.

There are a variety of design styles and color combinations to choose from, there are 6 sizes to choose from, you can choose the right size according to your needs.

Unique Design For A Variety Of Styles

The Japanese Zen light is a ceiling lamp that blends perfectly into each indoor space and has a unique decoration.

This type of lamp is suitable for use as a bedside lamp in a bedroom or as a wall lamp in different areas of the room.

This Japanese Zen chandelier can be placed in various areas, Japanese tatami decorated space, modern living room, dining room, bedroom can be well integrated together.

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Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp Product Size

Design A

设计 A

  • Size A: W 25 cm x H 40 cm/ ∅ 9.8" x H 15.7"
  • Size B: W 30 cm x H 48 cm/ ∅ 11.8 x H 18.9"

Design B

  • Size A: W 40 cm x H 43 cm/ ∅ 15.7" x H 17"
  • Size B: W 50 cm x H 54 cm/ ∅19.7" x H 21.3"

Design C

  • Size A: W 40 cm x H 35 cm/ ∅ 15.7" x H 13.8"
  • Size B: W 50 cm x H 43 cm/ ∅ 19.7" x H 17"

Design D

  • Size A: W 40 cm x H 36 cm/ ∅ 15.7" x H 14.1"
  • Size B: W 50 cm x H 45 cm/ ∅ 19.7" x H 17.7"

Design E

  • Size A: W 30 cm x H 40 cm/ ∅ 11.8" x H 15.7"
  • Size B: W 40 cm x H 46 cm/ ∅ 15.7" x H 18.1"
  • Size C: W 50 cm x H 60 cm/ ∅ 19.7" x H 23.6"

Design F

  • Size A: W 40 cm x H 29 cm/ ∅ 15.7" x H 11.4'
  • Size B: W 50 cm x H 36 cm/ ∅ 19.7" x H 14.2"

Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp Detail

  • Material: Metal/ Cloth/ PVC
  • Light source: E 27
  • Power: Max 40 W
  • Weight: 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs
  • Process: Handmade Knitting
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150 cm/59″ wires which can be extended upon request.

Purchase Notes

  • If you have problems with customs clearance and shipping damage, please contact us by email. Email address: [email protected].
  • This order does not include bulbs.
  • Please notice and understand that color difference and measurement discrepancy are unavoidable.
Product Details
99999 Items

Data sheet

Design &amp SizeDesign A W 25 cm x H 40 cm
Design A W 30 cm x H 48 cm
Design B 40 cm x H 43 cm
Design B 50 cm x H 54 cm
Design C 40 cm x H 35 cm
Design C 50 cm x H 43 cm
Design D W 40 cm x H 36 cm
Design D W 50 cm x H 45 cm
Design E W 30 cm x H 40 cm
Design E W 40 cm x H 46 cm
Design E W 50 cm x H 60 cm
Design F W 40 cm x H 29 cm
Design F W 50 cm x H 36 cm

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