Soap Bubble Chandelier

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The soap bubble chandelier is an elegant and beautiful decoration. The transparent glass ball chandelier is like a bunch of bubbles in the air, giving people a feeling of freedom and creating a relaxed atmosphere. In the warm light, the curves and luster of the glass shine perfectly and are intoxicating.


Soap Bubble Chandelier

Soap Bubble Chandelier, beautiful design

The soap bubble ceiling lamp, with its Mickey Mouse-like silhouette, takes the beauty of the sphere to the extreme.

There aren't many visible intersections that look like a bunch of soap bubbles floating in the air, creating a dreamy and romantic world with simple sticks and glass balls.

The soap bubble ceilng lamp is made of glass and metal, the main part of which is the open glass ball at the bottom, using an LED light source, several complete small glass balls are attached to it, the glass color is transparent, the golden color of the pole will make the warm light more obvious, and this lamp will make your lighting experience great.

There are 5 different combinations to suit your needs.

Soap Bubble Hanging Lamp , intoxicating design

The Soap Bubble hanging lamp has been popular since its debut in Milan, bringing the charm of glass that is hard to forget.

These transparent balls are clustered together like bubbles and are illuminated by LED light, which shines warm light on the glass and refracts its luster.

The simple yet unique exterior will certainly form a visual center, making it ideal for living or dining areas and, of course, business districts.

Soap Bubble Chandelier Size

  • 1 Ball(1 light source): Dia 30cm × H 68cm/ ∅ 11,8″ × H 26,8”(Ball:∅30cm/∅11.8”)
  • 4 Balls(1 light source): Dia 43.5cm × H 68cm/ ∅ 17,1″ × H 26,8”(Ball:∅30,15,13,10cm/∅11.8”,5.9”,5.1”,3.9”)
  • 6 Balls(1 light source): Dia 46cm × H 68cm/ ∅ 18,1″ × H 26,8”(Ball:∅30,15×2,13,10×cm/∅11.8”,5.9”×2,5.1”,3.9”×2)

Soap Bubble Chandelier

Combination-2×4 Balls+6 Balls:

  • 14 Balls-Round Ceiling Plate(3 light sources): Dia 78.5cm × H 118cm/ ∅ 30,9″ × H 46,5”
  • 14 Balls-Rectangular Ceiling Plate(3 light sources): Dia 120cm × H 84cm/ ∅ 47,2″ × H 33”

Soap Bubble Chandelier

Soap Bubble Chandelier Details

  • Material: Metal/ Glass
  • Light source: LED-chip(warm light by default)
  • Power: 10W/per piece
  • Weight: 4 kg/ 8.8 lbs
  • Finishes: Gold
  • Glass lampshade: Clear
  • Process: Electroplating
  • Control method: Push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 120 cm/ 47″ wires which can be extended upon request.
  • Soap Bubble Chandelier Soap Bubble Chandelier
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light colorWarm white
Size1 Ball
4 Balls
6 Balls
14 Balls Rectangular Plate
14 Balls Round Plate

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