Vertigo pendant lamp

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Vertigo pendant light replica material is not metal, it uses the same material as the original. 
  • Dia 80 cm
  • Dia 100 cm
  • Dia 140 cm
  • Dia 170 cm
  • Dia 200 cm
  • Dia 120 cm
  • black
  • reddish brown
  • pink
  • white

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Vertigo pendant light replica

The Vertigo Pendant Lamp, the most popular modern style design 

The pendant light is a magical, subtle and beautiful light with a magical effect in modern interiors. The pendant lamp replica is a chandelier with a "cab" that blends perfectly into each interior space and is decorated in a unique way.

 The unique shape design and colorful color selection

Since it is very light of the vertigo lamp, it makes small movements each time a draft touches it and it seems like an extraordinary and lively decoration.

It can adapt to a varitey of interior decoration 

The vertigo light, famous for its modern and fresh style, is widely loved by popular families.

It fits perfectly into every location in the home such as applied to the living room,dining room or our bedroom.It is a unique presence wherever it is.

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  • Vertigo Nova Pendelleuchte

Vertigo pendant replica light Size

  • Size: Dia: 80cm/ ∅ 31.5″
  • Size: Dia: 100cm/ ∅ 39.4″
  • Size: Dia: 120cm/ ∅ 47.2″
  • Size: Dia: 140cm/ ∅ 55.1″
  • Size: Dia: 170cm/ ∅ 66.9″
  • Size: Dia: 200cm/ ∅ 78.7″
  • Vertigo pendant lamp

Vertigo pendant light replica Details

  • Material: Metal/Glass fibers and polyurethane
  • Light source: E27
  • Power: Max 40W
  • Weight: 3kg/6.6lbs
  • Finishes: Black, Pink, White, Copper
  • Process: Die casting / paint
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150cm/59″ wires . Can be extended upon request
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99999 Items

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sizeDia 80cm
Dia 100cm
Dia 120cm
Dia 140cm
Dia 170cm
Dia 200cm
Reddish Brown

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